Indienaustausch 2015

„At our first meeting at the airport, we were very nervous, but happy about the arrival of our indian exchange partners. Happily, they looked very friendly since the first moment we saw them.“

Jules & Lucas

First day at school: We’ve done some games to get to know each other’s names. In the afternoon the indian students went to the city and had a guided bus tour.

At the second day at school we spoke about our projekt groups. Our projekt topic is „music, art & theater“. Therefore we have an acting group, a music group and an art group. In these groups we are planning our programme for the project presentation and farewell party.

Here is our theater group doing some acting exercises:

Our music group practicing with different instruments:

This is our arts group at work:

At the third day, Wednesday, we attended our classes with our host partners, worked with our groups and visited the „Deutsches Museum“ in the afternoon.

Early in the morning at Thursday we visited the „Neue Pinakothek München“. This was especially interesting for our art group. They are planning to show typical indian and german aspects of our cultures with different techniques. But the rest of the group enjoyed the trip as well. In the afternoon we worked in our groups. The idea of our presentation theme „peace & conflict“ grew.

Friday: The first week is already over and the group of indian and german students became very close. While we were working hard for our presentation during the day, it was all about amusement in the evening: we went to a concert of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra to see Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Spending the weekend with the host families was a lot of fun. One afternoon Jules and Udahv went to the Allinaz Arena and had a guided tour. Udahv said the tour was very impressive. Lucas and Karan went mini-golfing. They had a lot of fun as well.

At monday morning the week started with an impressive presentation of our indian guests. They told us a lot about the different parts of India, the cultural differences and even sang traditional songs for us. In the end we all stood up for the indian anthem.

Here the pictures of the great indian presentation:

The next days we were working hard for our presentation at the end of the week. All participants of the exchange programme, pupils, teachers, parents and even the principles were invited to watch our interpretation of our music theater „Peace & conflict“. We practiced and painted the whole week and only made some little breaks to attend our classes, go shopping and visit some sights like the tower „Alter Peter“.

Friday: Our final day at school has come! We were a little nervous, especially when we saw all the guests that came to celebrate our time together. The performance was great: we were dancing and moving to the selfmade sound of our music group to show, that conflicts are solvable. In the end we even showed some funny improvisation acts. Our indian guests presented different territories, languages, traditions and foods – and in the end, we all danced together with a lot of fun.
We are very happy for the opportunity to got to know each other and spent two fabulous weeks together. We want to thank our teachers, tutors and the principals for their support. Special thanks goes to Ulrike Emschermann, Florian Schröder and Willy Hülser for the organisation.
We can’t wait to see each other again in India in November!
You want to see more pictures? Here they are -> Indienaustausch 2015

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